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How to space save the Celux, Gealux and Delux Luxair ceiling hood range

How to space save the Celux, Gealux and Delux Luxair ceiling hood range

*Important new information for the 2018 range of Celux hoods from Luxair.*

Currently, Luxair offer two designs of the celux.  One is the model with the slimmer profile, the line drawing can be found on the Celux Stainless Steel product page.

The other is the deeper model, but it is compatible with the system to mount the motor away from the body of the hood.  This version is only supplied when you order the optional mounting kit and the information below shows the installation size and options for reducing this further.

>It is possible to install the Luxair Celux,Gealux & Delux hoods in a 260 -270mm mm height void. 
To fit flush in the ceiling, the minimum is 215+120  = 335mm as the hood comes.

The motor mounting kit will reduce the height to less than 300mm if you remove the brackets and screw straight in from the hood using the screw holes that attached the brackets.

We then have 120mm for the hood body and 140 for the ducting part, so still 260-270 mm minimum, but the size of the ceiling void (or of the box you would have to make) is significantly smaller.
You or your builder would have to create a suitable mounting method to replace the brackets, but this may be a suitable solution if space is at a premium.
You then run ducting to the motor, and from the motor to the outside vent.

We do have the Anzi available in white and in stainless steel which should fit straight in.  But it is a bit more money.


Published on Tuesday, 1st August pm 6:01pm