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New LuxAir Celux, Delux and Gealux 2018 Super Slim Flush mount ceiling extractor

New LuxAir Celux, Delux and Gealux 2018 Super Slim Flush mount ceiling extractor

Our best-selling ceiling hood over the past few years has been the Luxair Celux ceiling hood in stainless steel.  There are a number of variants in the range with a range of colours - Black glass and white glass, then the options to have these framed by a stainless steel frame or a colour coded painted frame.

Although these are a great hood, the biggest problem customers faced was the installation space needed.  To be an effective ceiling extractor, it needs a powerful motor.  The 950m³/hr motor was more than enough for even a large kitchen, but the drawback was the size of it.

Luxair have redesigned the Celux, Delux and Gealux range with this in mind.  First they moved production to a new state of the art factory where the premium range hoods like the Anzi and Tolvi are already made.  This factory is better equipped to create the slimmer body size, reducing it from 120mm high to a super slim 75mm height.

luxair Celux Slimline comparrison

Also gone are the large metal brackets, replaced by a much simpler clip system, enabling the unit to be dropped into the cut-out with ease.
But the biggest innovation is addition of the new Radial motor, meaning the total height of the unit is slashed again.  The radial motors are super-efficient but give the same power as the old style models.  Instead of needing a minimum of 335mm (120mm body and 215mm motor) in the ceiling, now you only need 205mm (75mm body and 120mm motor)

.Side by Side line drawings of the Luxair Celux Hood Slimline vs 2017 variant

This makes installation a doddle, with only the joists in the ceiling posing any other problems. 
The final couple of changes are firstly the removal of the manual power buttons. Now the unit is remote control only.  The buttons were visible from certain angles, so now you have unspoiled sleek lines all the way round and manual control is superfluous in a ceiling mounted extractor.  2nd is the rectangular ducting outlet, this shape keeps the height of the unit low.  The exhaust shape is perfect for the rectangular ducting kits Luxair do, they simply slot on.  Adaptors to 150mm round are available.

We kept our prices the same.  £699 delivered for the Celux range and £649 for the Delux and Gealux range.  The 120cm versions are still the old style sizes, the new designs will follow later in the year.


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Published on Wednesday, 21st February pm 4:52pm