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Bosch assist with Karl the Bosch engineer Bosch Assist with Karl the Bosch engineer

Thanks to the Bosch Assist, you don’t have to worry about finding the precise information on temperature or cooking time for your oven anymore. Simply select the desired dish in the control panel and your oven automatically recommends the ideal heating mode, shelf level temperature and length of time.
All you need to do is press, ‘Start’.


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Bosch Integrated Kitchen Appliances at Modern Living

Here at Modern Living, we are proud to offer the full range of Bosch Integrated kitchen appliances . Their Serie 8 range, with the Bosch Assist suite is a giant leap forward in cooking.  Designed to be as easy to use as possible, but packed full of features to make your life as easy as possible.

They are constantly devloping and inventing new technology that improves results.  Bosch engineering is all about improvement, and the rest of the kitchen appliance manufacturers are always trying to keep up.

"At Bosch, we believe the perfect home appliance should be designed and engineered for one thing above all else: to make your time spent in the home as pleasant as possible. Whether its cooking the dinner, doing the laundry or stacking the dishwasher every detail of every appliance has been carefully designed with you in mind."  Bosch mission statement.


Bosch Pyrolytic Upgrade

While stocks last, we are offering a free upgrade to a pyrolytic self clean version on a couple of Models.  The HBG656RS1B features the bosch assist functions, but we can offer the HBG8769BS1B as a free upgrade.  This has all the same features and functions, but also has the incredible full Bosch Pyrolytics cleaning option.  This blitzes the oven at nearly 400 degrees and incinerates any bits of food or dirt.  Once complete and cooled, you simply brush away the remains.  No more scrubbing required.  The upgrade oven also features pyrolytic proof tray and brackets, so you don't even need to strip down the oven before running the program.  Give us a call for more details.  Soon we will be adding the HBG634BS1B to the offer, but with very limited availability.

Bosch Integrated Kitchen Appliances at Modern Living


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