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Carron Baths from Modern Living Direct are available in 5mm or Carronite at significant savings on the RRP.  Styles produced include imperial size baths, straight & double ended baths, shower baths with screens, freestanding and corner baths as well as whirlpool options.  
The standard Carron 5mm baths are the market leader in standard bath manufacturing.  Sturdy and rigid, they are seriously good quality baths and made in the UK.
Carronite is a trademarked and patented reinforcement that offers stronger, sturdier and thermally insulated finish, offering longer lasting heat and complete peace of mind with a 30 year guarantee.
One of the main questions we get is "Is carronite worth the extra?" We can't answer that definitively as every case is different, but the following might help.
The 5mm Carron baths are excellent.  They are significantly better than the imported 5mm baths we order in from some suppliers for our budget range bathrooms we offer in store.  That said, if you are mainly showering the bath is basically  functioning as a shower tray.  There will be bending and flexing when you walk in it. 
The Carronite baths don't move at all.  They are rigid, strong and heavy.  They are a 2 man lift when we store them in our warehouse.
If you mainly bathing, then the 5mm bath will be fine and the Carronite a nice Luxury if you can afford it.
If you mainly shower it should be a serious consideration.  It won't bend or flex.  It won't need resealing when it's bent away from the walls during use and it won't crack.

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The latest innovation in spa baths - C-Lenda Makron Hydrotherapy systems with Carron Baths

Born of 20 years endless pursuit of design excellence, MARKON have developed the new generation of c-lenda spa bath fittings. 
Superior design, sophisticated style - this worldwide patented system combines modern materials with the look of tomorrow’s technology, offering the bather the comfort and style they deserve. 
With MARKON’s patented c-lenda technology, fittings are mounted flush with the bath wall, creating a smooth continuous surface without any protrusions.  Designed to be visually pleasing and extremely comfortable, the c-lenda fittings are easy to clean and will maintain their appealing look for years to come. 
Every aspect of c-lenda technology has been designed with the bather in mind. From the smooth, easily adjustable controls, the invigorating jet massage performance through to the super safe suction system, you can be assured you will get the comfort, style, performance and protection you deserve from c-lenda. 

Patented Design Technology

The intelligence of the c-lenda flush jet system lies within the patented mounting flange.  Manufactured from high grade stainless steel this unique patented load transfer device ensures the fittings are securely mounted to eliminate cracking and peeling, which prolongs the quality and beauty of your c-lenda flush jet system. 

Innovative Thinking

MARKON constantly focuses energy on changing needs and have designed and developed technological advancements in water jets for the spa bath (whirlpool) markets. Our philosophy is to lead the world in design and development of new products for these markets through innovation, total quality management and supreme service levels. 
We are committed to designing and developing high quality products and incorporate an extensive research and development strategy to keep us in the forefront of the industry. 
Our strength is our ability to control the total process of design, development and manufacture which allows us to maintain the highest product standards with seamless integration.
 C-Lenda Carron Baths Whirpool Hydrotherapy system 1  C-Lenda Carron Baths Whirpool Hydrotherapy system 2  C-Lenda Carron Baths Whirpool Hydrotherapy system 3
 C-Lenda Carron Baths Whirpool Hydrotherapy system 4  C-Lenda Carron Baths Whirpool Hydrotherapy system 5  C-Lenda Carron Baths Whirpool Hydrotherapy system 6

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