Cooker Hood Ducting Kits

Picking the correct kit

When you have chosen your ideal cooker hood, next comes the decision to either duct out or recirculate.  
Ducting out is when you attach pipework to funnel the exhaust from the motor to outside, removing the cooking smells in the most efficient way.  If it's possible to duct to the outside wall, then it's always the best method.
Recirulation is when it's not possible to run ducting to outside.  Instead you add a charcoal filter that the sucked up air passes through on the way to the motor.  This removes the smells and helps keep the motor innards protected.  The filters do need replacing periodically. 
Sometimes we get asked why hoods don't come with the filters as standard.  It's because you either duct or recirculate.
Nowadays, all kitchen extractors use a minimum of 125mm ducting and most suggest 150mm.  Most come with a 150mm spigot (the round exhaust nipple on the motor) and a reducer to convert it to 125mm round if you are using the smaller size.  You shouldn't consider 4" (100mm) ducting for a modern hood as the reduced airflow capacity creates extra work for the motor which results in a shorter lifespan and louder running.
There are now 3 main lines of ducting we run.
For standard wall hoods, we offer 2 kits
  1. A 1m flexible kit to go straight outside on the same wall your hood is installed.
  2. A 3m kit if you need to run the ducting across the top of the wall units to an adjacent wall.  This also has 2 rectangular rigid PVC sections to help hide behind the pelmet.

They come as complete kits with fixings and an airvent for the outside wall and are both available as 5" (125mm) and 6" (150mm)

The kits are listed below, just click thorugh for more details.  Thay are able to be added as an option on the cooker hood product page.  If you wish to buy them separately, give us a call.

We also offer larger 220 x 90mm rigid ducting systems.  These are used on our powerful ceiling hoods and the downdraft and venting hobs.  These hoods feature a rectangular motor outlet which this ducting connects straight to.  As the ducting solution for these bigger hoods can be very different from one installation to the next, we offer these parts individually so you can put together only exactly what you require.  The hoods that require this system have the ducting listed as options on the product pages.