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Luxair Cooker Hoods  -  Extraction With Attraction - Quality wall and ceiling hoods


Luxair Uk offer quality kitchen extractor fans with over 1000 designer ranges to choose from. 

Here at, we are delighted with our partnership with Luxair, who are quickly developing into one of the leading and progressive kitchen cooker hood manufacturers in the UK.
We love their Italian designed hoods, which are also exclusively built in Italy and feature top quality European manufacturing methods (all components are exclusively from the EU.  Luxair have always prioritised quality and reliability over cheaper components).    Their ranges of wall hoods have something for everyone.  Low cost hoods with standard designs, but with really powerful motors to stylish slim line and glass hoods which perform great, but look even better. One of the most impressive features from Luxair is the extraction power their motors offer, even the most basic range offer seriously impressive figures. 
Luxair create their hoods in every size.  60cm hoods, 70cm hood, 80cm hoods, 90cm hoods, 100cm hoods, 110cm hoods, so perfect for any size hob or range cooker.
Luxair Ceiling hoods are our best selling line.  They offer a variety of ranges, the Delux , Gealux , Celux , Anzi and Tolvi which all offer unrivalled value for money and design features.  The Tolvi ceiling extractor and Anzi ceiling extractor feature external motor option so you can have the motor on the roof or external wall to further lessen the installation height and remove all noise from the kitchen. In addition to the ducted ceiling hoods, they offer some great recirculation only ceiling hoods.  These bolt on to the ceiling and are ready to go!  Need an unusual size?  How about a 350mm, 650mm or 950mm ceiling hood?  You could even mount those on the underside of a wall cabinet.
All Luxair cooker hoods are backed with a great warranty.  The premium ranges feature a full 7 year parts and labour warranty (subject to registration) and the others a 5 year warranty.
In addition to the standard black and stainless steel finishes most manufacturers offer, Luxair hoods come in some stunning colours to match any modern kitchen.  There is usally a little extra lead time on these items, but are worth the wait to get you the perfect colour combination for your new kitchen.


Luxair have updated the design of the Celux (also Gealux and Delux) range this year and we are really excited about it.  They've moved production to the same factory that produced the top of the range Anzi and Tolvi ceiling hoods and incorporated some of those features in the mid range Celux ceiling extractors.

The Radial motor is smaller, but just as efficient, and by using a rectangular ducting exhaust they have reduced the size to just 13cm.  The body of the hood has been trimmed so its now only 7.5cm, giving a total installation height of less than 21cm.  This makes installing it a doddle.

The clip style installation method comes direct from the Anzi ceiling hood.  Instead of the really large brackets on the previous range, the clips mean it simply sits in the cutout.  All you need is to make sure the ceiling (or frame you create) will support the weight, then the adjustable clips tighten to bring the hood up perfectly flush.


2019 Developments.

The ceiling hoods this year with move over from the 180 x 95mm size ducting to the 220 x 90mm megaduct size.  This offers even better airflow and extraction.  There are some top of the range ducting systems coming in, but the basic rigid ducting will also be upgraded.

A large range of canopy hoods has come in with some stunning new designs, they are already live on our site here

Also new in 2018 are a range of new sizes in the premium Anzi and Tolvi ranges.

The outstanding Anzi's are available in a thinner variant - 120cm x 30cm, but with just as much extraction power.

The Tolvi has a light up panel on the hood, but now this sits much closer to the ceiling and also comes in a range of sizes.  Both come with the excellent external motor options.  Check them out below


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Ducting Options - Ceiling Hoods

The motor exhausts on the Luxair ceiling hood range is 180 x 95mm rectangular.  It offers the same volume as a 150mm round ducting system, but is much more convenient to install between ceiling joists.  We have a range of ducting kits that fit straight onto the rectangular exhaust spigot and have recently introduced a basic 3m kit with no bends.  We do not recommend using the Luxair 5" (125mm) on the ceiling hoods as the performance and noise are affected.  Also it's tricky to find connectors to take the 180x95 down to a 125mm rectangular size.  The ducting kits are optional extras you can select on the ceiling hood product pages.

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