Phoenix Whirpool Systems

System 1 - Whirpool Jets
System 2 - AirSpa Jets
System 3 - Everything
Phoenix have spent over three decades working with customers to develop our whirlpool systems and provide simple cleaning and maintenance solutions. This prevents some of the common problems people have found with other whirlpool systems. 
The unique V-Jet system that we have designed ensures that the bath is fully drained every time, and the Phoenix Dry-Run Pump Protection prevents the system running without water. 
All Phoenix airpools feature jets which are made from low profile chrome-plated solid brass. These are attractive and robust and are also fitted with a non-return valve which minimises water flow back into the pipes below the bath and prevents water sitting unseen while the bath isn’t used.
You can also control your experience with our variable three-speed airpool blowers, which allow you to switch from a soothing ripple to a more invigorating blast. 
Why not further enhance your airpool experience by adding a luxury colour kinetic underwater light?


Phoenix @ modernliving

Phoenix are the standout supplier of quality bathroom products at all price points.  Exclusively available in only selected showrooms that meet Phoenix's stringent requirements of product knowledge, aftersales care and quality displays.  We are proud to be a Phoenix displaying showroom and welcome you to come and see for yourself.

Phoenix are also the leading UK manufacturer and supplier of whirpool and air jet baths, our association with Phoenix bathrooms goes back decades.  Always a firm favourite in the showroom due to outstanding quality and great price.

All Phoenix products are designed in-house and manufactured to their cutting edge specifications, so you know that personalised care and attention has gone into offering the ultimate interior fashion while retaining and enhancing your everyday functionality. Whether you are aiming for eye-catching design, opulent comfort or minimalist practicality, we have the products for you. So let Phoenix guide you towards your sensory perfection.

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